Wooden Bull Links Page

Welcome to my Links page. Here you'll find links to all of the stores that sell Wooden Bull Audiophile Turntable Mats and some that don't. You'll also find links completely unrelated to the world of Hi-Fi but are businesses or entities that I just like. The web is quite big you know!

Retailers in no particular order

DENMARK - Lyd & Kabbel - Everybody Loves Danish Cookies
UK - Divine Audio - James Bond buys his gear here, say no more
UK - Juno Records - They're also into nuclear weapons & baby food
UK - Doug Brady Hi-Fi - No modern junk, just proper old gear for proper old farts
EIRE - The Listening Suite - Seriously OCD about harmonic dynamics and such
GERMANY - Musikkammer - Free sausage with every sale
ROMANIA - Stereo Planet - Got an Olympic Gold on the pummel horse as a lad
HONG KONG - Precision Audio Ltd - 24/7 Karaoke in the shed out back
TAIWAN - Ark Audio Taiwan - Most of your stuff was made here
TAIWAN - Shang-Yin - The rest of it was made here
KOREA - Innotech Trading Co - Extremely sinister but really polite about it

And here are some pages I just like or have been guilted into posting

John O'Regan Design - All work and no play, KILL KILL KILL Them all etc.
Musiczone - Brother. Ray. Listens.. But two fucks, he does not give
Bunker Vinyl & Studio - NEVER approach John silently from behind
Plugd - They have a secret handshake but won't tell me what it is
Hi-Fi Advice - Christiaan knows his shit, Orange Bud, Purple Haze, the lot
Analogue Seduction - They should really be paying ME
Darqhorse Audio - Like many creatives he can't spell for toffee
Rein Rite - What's with all the horses?
Bia Beauty - Cosmetics that double as sandwich fillers, tasty
Mother Jones Market - No one knows where he gets all the stuff
Wooden Bull Leather & Cork Audiophile Turntable Mats